Kio Desk helps businesses deliver outstanding customer support to their clients through tools that allow customers to find timely and relevant support without having to go through elaborate and mazy hurdles.

The same tools also increase agent productivity and analytics and reports that enable managers to find key issues in agent performances so that they can improve their service as well as make intelligent business decisions.

The IT desk is fast, combines all necessary asset management and reporting widgets to be used in corporate environments, but most of all it is well integrated to work in every software ecosystem.

It is also promotes collaboration between support teams. As calls and queries are collated into one hub, team members can take a look at them simultaneously and then collaborate on how to handle, prioritize, and manage their responses.

Our Exclusive Services

We provide Customer Support

A customer support software helps you keep track of user requests, communicate with customers, and deal with other customer support related issues better.


Keep track of customer conversations by converting them into tickets. Convert all incoming emails into tickets. Prioritize, categorize and assign them to the right people.


It takes a team to deliver great customer support. Kiodesk helps you work together with team members from across the company to provide quick and consistent answers to your customers.


Make your helpdesk work for you. Customize your support portal and make it an extension of your brand. Define workflows to suit the way that your team works.


Make data-driven decisions to improve your team’s performance. Kiodesk’s reports help you monitor helpdesk productivity, customer experience and agent workload straight out of the box.


Customer support, minus the repetitive tasks. Use Kiodesk’s powerful automations to streamline your helpdesk and your support process.


Create a self service experience that supports your brand and improves customer satisfaction.

Best Features

Everything you need to redefine your customer support. Kiodesk offers users a help desk platform that operates as a fully managed cloud service.

Linked Tickets

Link related tickets together to keep track of widespread issues and deliver consistent responses.

Parent-child Ticketing

Resolve complex, multi-stage issues faster by splitting them into smaller child tickets.

Team Huddle

Discuss specific parts of tickets with experts from across your company to figure out the best solutions.

Shared Ownership

Share ownership of tickets with other teams without losing visibility into progress being made on the issue.

Agent Collision Detection

Ensure that multiple agents don’t wind up working on the same ticket by accident.

Custom Ticket Status

Create custom statuses that suit your workflow to identify what stage a ticket is in.

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Our Packages

Simple, honest, affordable pricing.



  • Scheduled Reports
  • Multilingual Helpdesk
  • Team Huddle
  • Multiple Products
  • Shared Ownership
  • Agent Collision
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  • Community Forums
  • Enterprise Reports
  • Custom Agent Roles
  • Skill based ticket assignment
  • Custom Domain Mapping
  • Multilingual Helpdesk
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  • Advanced Social Channel
  • Satisfaction Surveys
  • 100% Free Update
  • Team Huddle
  • 24x7 Support
  • Time Tracking
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